Mark making in nature - 3 jours (22/07 - 24/07) - Flobecq

mark making
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Attention: La formatrice parle le français, mais elle donne le stage en anglais. C'est possible pour poser les questions en français. 

Rendre l’art à la nature
Couvrez vos arbres avec des créations et motifs en feutre, enveloppez des pierres et l’intérieur de cavités naturelles, marquez des chemins de traverse…personnalisez la nature de votre créativité! Ou encore, créez d’autres marquages, discrets ou plus importants, en utilisant de la laine ou d’autres fibres naturelles locales, guidé par vos inspirations du moment, pour contribuer à la vocation artistique de la nature. 



*En Anglais*

The intent of this three-day workshop is to create installations with felt, individually and in groups, at a chosen natural scene in the garden of ‘Feu et Fer’ Residence. Participants can either create covers for trees, felted with various motives; wrap stones and the inside of natural holes; mark pathways... or, build any other smaller or larger marks using wool and other locally found fibers, according to momentary inspirations to contribute to nature's art. 

We observe our surroundings and get influenced by the creations of some land artists. Our work is based on various surface patterning techniques, creating smaller panels of felt with cutout, woven, hairy and nuno felted structures that will further be formed/fused over the process of installation. Our marks can unite as well, so all participants are welcome to make an installation together for the finissage of our felt camp. 



We start with wandering around and observe, look for interesting details and find our own place in nature. We start learning about wool and felt, introducing some basic methods and some surface manipulating techniques. We create our first samples to follow working with on the field. 

Observe your and other people’s work placed into nature. Does it look different now? Where can you imagine to fit it? Working more on little pieces, we start to assemble some compositions. We learn some methods to put two pieces together by felting and by stitching. At the end of the workshop, we wander around and visit each other's compositions.